College Prep

Arsenal Announces College Preparation Program
We are pleased to announce our revised Arsenal FC College Preparation Program. The goal of this program will be to educate and provide opportunities for our players and parents as they navigate through the college recruiting process. Throughout the year, our program will offer different avenues of education and access points to recruitment.

Our Direct Recruiting Program will include a summer college camp held in Temecula along with other ID Clinics and Camps held each season. The College Education Program will offer up to four Informational Recruiting Seminars throughout the year, individual meetings to discuss options in greater detail, and our college campus visits to local universities.

I will be here to help guide you through the entire process and ensure you are doing everything that is needed to give yourself the best opportunity in your decision making process of identifying the best college that fits your needs.

-Choosing a school

-Contacting a school

-NCAA Rules and Timelines

-Requirements for Colleges

Download a copy of these helpful guides for the college prep process:

  1. College Prep Guidelines
  2. YouTube Recruiting Videos