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Fantastic 5s Tournament

Welcome to the 9th Annual 2019 “Fantastic 5’s” 5v5 Tournament!


The “Fantastic 5’s” is a small sided, fast moving, fun packed, goal filled Soccer Tournament held at the beautiful Inland Empire Soccer Complex (3496 West Little League Drive, San Bernardino, CA).


This year we are expecting around 200 Boys & Girls teams to participate in our unique 1 day Tournament on December 7th.


Cost is $180 per team.  Click here to register. Download the required Medical Release & Roster form.

For more information, questions or to pay by check, please contact Jeremy Healey at jhealey@arsenalfc.us or call (951) 538-2918

The Fantastic 5’s is the perfect way to end a long and competitive Fall season with a relaxed, FUN and Festive 5v5 tournament where the players are encouraged to play and coaches are encouraged to WATCH & enjoy, without the pressure that League brings. THIS IS MEANT TO BE FUN FOR ALL, but especially the players!!!!!


This Tournament is for ALL ages. The format of this Tournament does NOT conflict with CIF rules in ANY way. Teams can be made up of a group of friends or a National Championship winning team! Unlimited loan players are allowed, however once the roster has been submitted on the day of the tournament, changes will not be permitted and players cannot play for more than 1 team. Player cards are not required however birth certificates and medical releases for each player on the roster are required. Each game is 20 mins in length and rosters should be no larger than 8 players.


Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games and the Championship winning teams will receive medals.

Game format & rules

Check in with roster, copy of birth certificate & medical release form 1 hour before 1st game at the tournament headquarters tent!!!


U7-U16- 4 on the field and 1 goalkeeper (5-7 player roster)

Field Size: 35 X 45yards 

Subs: Free Substitution – On the fly at Half line 

Games: 20 min games - No Halftime 




  1. Slide Tackling -sliding is ok if it does not endanger another player.

  2. No Offside rule in effect

  3. Regular Throw-ins

  4. Corner Kicks - Are direct

  5. Goal Kicks - Are indirect

  6. Kick Offs - Are indirect

  7. Fouls - FIFA Laws apply 

  8. Defensive Walls -Must be 8 yards from the ball

  9. Goalkeepers - No restrictions on distribution of the ball

  10. Goal Boxes: ALL PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED IN & OUT OF GK BOX APART FROM GK’S, Goal keepers are NOT allowed out of their box either to kick or handle the ball. Defenders & Forwards can enter the goal box. If a GK leaves the goal box a indirect Free kick on the edge of the box will be the result.

  11. Yellow Card - Caution

  12. Red Card - Player OUT OF THE GAME -1 game suspension minimum – Additional suspension TBD by Tournament Director if necessary – 

  13. Players - 4 player minimum to start 

  14. Rosters - Cannot be changed during the day of tournament

  15. The Directors - Have the final decision in any dispute, and the right to make final decisions in order to create a safe and efficient event.

  16. Sportsmanship - Rough or dangerous play or foul and abusive language will not be tolerated 

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