Arsenal has joined up to provide to our players. 

College Fit Finder simplifies the crazy college recruiting process and provides our athletes with the tools and guidance necessary to achieve their dreams. College Fit Finder centralizes athlete profiles, highlight videos, college ID camps information and more. See your coach today to get access to thousands of college coaches and resources. 

Arsenal FC College Preparation Program

The goal of Arsenal FC College Preparation Program is to educate and provide opportunities for our players and parents as they navigate through the college recruiting process. Throughout the year, our program will offer different avenues of education and access points to recruitment. We also coordinate with school guidance counselors to ensure A-G Compliance, Eligibility Center registration and proper testing. 


Our Direct Recruiting Program includes a summer college camp held in Temecula along with other ID Clinics and Camps held each season. The College Education Program offers Informational Recruiting Seminars throughout the year, individual meetings to discuss options in greater detail, and our college campus visits to local universities.

Arsenal FC is here to help guide student-athletes through the entire process and ensure they are doing everything that is needed to give themselves the best opportunities and make informed decisions in identifying the best college that fits your needs.

Player Transition to College/Professional


Considering the deep chasm in opportunities and level of play between professional soccer and collegiate soccer in this country, it is essential that we treat each differently and set players goals realistically to achieve one or the other. Both paths need to be treated completely differently. With that said, it should be a minimum goal and a realistic goal for Arsenal FC to expect all players within our club to finish their playing experience with Arsenal, be good enough and have the opportunity to play collegiate soccer, whatever the collegiate level.

Obviously, playing at the professional level, opportunities are much fewer and as such, it would be sensible to identify a player’s potential as early as possible and set realistic goals, whether that be professional or collegiate. These goals can be updated each year in the event there is a rapid improvement or decline in players ability.

Road to Collegiate Soccer

We stress early on the importance of education and grades, above all else!

Implementation of Strategy to play Collegiate Soccer

1. 12 years old and beyond: require all semester grades be turned in and kept in players file. A meeting with the parents and player that discusses players progress both in school and on the field.

2. At 15yrs old (Sophomore): Meet with parents and player to discuss players choices for where he would like to attend college and see if it fits his grades, playing style, and if he has professional potential, does that school have success in sending players on into the pros? Make sure players choices are in fact sensible choices for him.

3. All sophomore players and parents attend a club symposium that spells out all necessary information that will give all the tools to maximize players chances and opportunities for players to attend the school of their choice. 

Discussion points...for players and parents...

     a) an individual player resume that can be sent to all college coaches of choice.

     b) G.P.A., S.A.Ts and ACT scores and do they meet the schools requirement?

     c) letters and emails to college coaches, forming a relationship. Player self marketing and promotion.

     d)References from club coaches and high school coaches

     e) Identifying school that suits players soccer style and fits academic needs.

     f) Personal playing video, using film from club games.

Implementation of Strategy to play Professional Soccer

1. Identify players that have the potential to play professionally, making sure they are playing on our Academy teams

2. Encourage players of top ability (Arsenal Blue Players) to participate on older teams, creating an even higher level of competition.

3. Form an alliance with an MSL team, a USL team or an NASL team for our players that have the potential to play at this level.

The Agreement would include:

A) Players attending Pro-Club practices with Pro-Club

B) Pro Coaching staff to attend out Academy Practices and games to engage progress of player and to conduct practice sessions.

C) DA Coaching staff to attend to Pro-Club practices and familiarize themselves with their coaching methods and training.