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Volunteering is part of the culture at Arsenal. While each of our parents are required to volunteer 6 hours over the course of the season, many of our parents serve well beyond that.  Volunteers are a critical part of our team!  We are grateful for all that you do and the sacrifices you make.


Volunteer Opportunity: 

Record DA Home Games:

Sign-Up for U13/2007s Home Game

Sign-Up for U14/2006s Home Game

Sign-Up for U15/2005s Home Game

Sign-Up for U16-U17/2004-2003s Home Game

Sign-Up for U18-U19/2002-2001s Home Game

Please use this form to report your volunteer hours. Please only submit when you have either done all 6 hours. If the form is not completed and hours verified by 1/31/20, your account will be automatically charged $100 on 2/15/20.  If you want to pay and buy-out prior to 2/15/20, please note that below and the Club Admin will be in contact. 

Thanks for your time!

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